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Live Your Light LIVE

Are You Ready For Something More?

There are two types of women in the world – women who know they are meant for more and are on a mission to get there as quickly as possible – and then there are women who feel in their hearts there might be something but they feel so lost as to where to even start. The destination, each woman’s “more”, looks very different in all of us. For some it might be deeper friendships or more intimate marriages and for others maybe a higher calling of leadership or a deeper expression of creativity. The need to perfect lies deep inside us all. It makes us or breaks us. It’s the actual human need for growth but the reality is it’s HARD! Where do you start? How do you manage it all? Is it even normal?

Awareness is growing around human pain and suffering, and with that it’s also growing around the need for real happiness and connection to others. But true joy comes from connection to OUR true selves. The answer to every problem lies here. Your next step, what you are meant to do, appears when you become who you are meant to be. This process looks different for everyone.

Live Your Light LIVE is about discovering your intuition – your inner light that can guide you wherever you want to go.

Stacey Smith, Sheri Strzelecki, Leah Brady, Lindsay Dotzlaf, and Lindsey Mango will take you through the five stages of self transformation through powerful, authentic, raw accounts of the often very painful and incredibly fulfilling experience of the evolution of the human spirit. Shedding the protective identity we create as young children to fit in and be accepted and growing into the truest version of ourselves leaves only a strong, confident, resilient woman in the wake.

The answers are all within you. We are here to help guide you.

After this eye opening event, it is our hope that you are left with many questions regarding your own personal journey. This four hour workshop will end with the last hour being dedicated to questions and answers from the participants. However if you are looking for deeper, more intimate conversations we would love for you to be our VIP dinner guest following the event (location TBD). Join all five coaches for food, conversation, laughter, and so much more! Gain a personal insight into the lives of five women who are showing up everyday to stand in integrity so that others may have a path to follow.

**VIP dinner includes dinner and drinks – all you need to do is show up!

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