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Find Your Light

A glimpse into private coaching

You have a light inside of you that, when exposed, shines out every part of your being as your most authentic self.  For many adults your light is covered by years of learning to live the way other people think you should, learning how to fit in with the crowd, and dimming parts of yourself that you see as different or weird. Layer by layer you learned to shield yourself from the opinions of others by building protective coverings around your soul, where you safely house your truest self, and although there might be times that person peeks out, she rarely steps fully into the world to be seen.  Depending upon certain situations, you may let parts of your light shine out when and where you deem it appropriate, only to quickly cover it back up when others notice.

The truth is – when you learn to peel back those layers and shine that light from within you become free.  As a coach I help you find your light and learn how to be your most authentic self.  Over time you learn to be comfortable in your skin, confident in your decisions, and eventually even unable to return to the person you once pretended to be.  If this seems overwhelming, no worries, I will be here with you through every step.

I love helping my clients find themselves and their light!

Contact me to see if private coaching is right for you and to learn about my different packages.  I can’t wait to hear from you!

“ When you learn to peel back those layers and shine that light from within you becomes free “
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