Become a True Coaching Expert + Design Your Unique Coaching Style

With this Advanced Certification in Coaching Mastery

Coach. It’s time to stand out.  Are you ready?

This advanced certification isn’t your typical coach training

This is a 6 month experience that will transform your coaching. NOT by you learning to coach like me, but instead settling into who you are, owning your expertise, and bringing more of YOU to the table

Your style

Your process

Your iconic work

In an industry where there are a million options to learn someone else’s way – I want to help you find yours.

In this advanced certification you are going to create the work that will set you apart, create epic client results, and have you feeling on fire for what you do.

Let’s shake things up and add some spice.

It’s time to step into your thought leadership and shift from student to expert.

Welcome to: The Advanced Certification in Coaching Mastery.

Where we create mastery from within.

Over 6 months, you will transform from a good coach to an expert with true coaching mastery

– After defining your values and mission – you will learn how to use them as a lens to make every decision in your business
– You will complete a project (selected by you) that enhances your coaching.
– You will create a process that works for you AND every client that comes through your containers
– You will feel more settled into who you are and how you show up in the coaching industry
– You will have more confidence in yourself, your coaching, and your business.  Period.

Because the spark that makes you unique has nothing to do with what other people are doing. It has everything to do with what makes your work powerful, simply because it is different.

It has everything to do with what makes your work powerful, simply because it is different.

Who is this for?

Bonus with enrollment by December 15, 2023

Book a 1:1 Big Picture 2024 call with Lindsay

Full disclosure: these plans can always change as you go.

But getting these details on paper can create epic momentum in your business. The plans are just a guide to make sure you are headed in the direction you want to go with intention.

Simply setting aside time to do this (not to mention, having FUN thinking about the possibilities) can set your entire year up for an experience that’s different from previous years.

**How it works – once enrolled and your payment has been made, you will receive an email to schedule your call with Lindsay. These calls are taking place mid-December and throughout January**


Community and Connection

In this space, community and connection is one of the most valuable assets.

Inside ACICM everyone sets their own goals and decides their own finish lines.  And with coaches from all over the industry with different niches, levels of experience, and backgrounds – it keeps comparison to a minimum. (And when it does pop up we just honor it and work through it)

We collaborate, brainstorm, workshop, support each other, combine resources, and cheer each other on.

And yes, I say WE because it’s a true mastermind – everyone is an expert working collaboratively to get through the finish line.

I lead the way, embrace everyone’s genius, and pull back the curtain completely on what I’m working on.


In ACICM the coaching culture is: bring it all.

I don’t care how long you’ve been a coach, sometimes things get messy.

You make mistakes, things don’t go as planned, you don’t move forward at all (hello freeze response, distractions, or LIFE)…

AND sometimes things go better than planned, you knock out all the work on your list, and your client results are off the charts.

We welcome EVERY SINGLE PIECE of this.

Because it’s all normal. And the sooner we normalize it, the less the “bad” will knock you down, and the more fun you will have.

We pull back the curtains to the behind the scenes, hold space for big feelings, and show up each week honoring exactly where you are.


In ACICM, strategy is important.

You will set goals. And then, you will make a plan to move in that direction.

The work we do in this space is very individualized, which means:

You are always doing work that pertains to you and your business (no one size fits all, no busy work, and no wading through hours of modules looking for what you need)


Everything you create will be through the lens of your values, which creates a business that always feel aligned for you.

Meet me in Miami!

This completely optional, but highly recommended live event is designed to compliment the work being done inside the ACICM certification. We will spend these days building community, creating connection, and exploring visibility. This days will be designed for you to figure out what being seen and heard as an expert in the coaching space looks like to YOU. We are going to dig into what you want that to look like and how you can create it for yourself, in and out of your coaching.

Dates: March 5-7, 2024 (with an optional excursion date of March 8 just for fun)
Location: Miami, Florida

A few important details:
**surprise guest experts can be expected
**you will provide your own transportation and lodging
**the daily event activities will take place at an incredible, cozy Miami Airbnb, with lots of outdoor space and a pool
**the optional March 8 will have an additional fee ($500 or less) and will most likely include water (think boat or beach)
**more details will be received after you join the certification

All with the ease of figuring out who you are as a coach, so you can help your clients with more authenticity than ever before. The Advanced Certification in Coaching Mastery 6-month program is designed for you to finally figure out what your signature coaching style is while having the support of other coaches doing the same along the way.

The Bottom Line Details


10K paid in full OR 

6 payments of $1750

Certification & Live Event

13K paid in full OR

6 payments of $2250

“being in a room with other people doing the same work has felt empowering, and inspiring, and vulnerable and scary.”


“Lindsay is really good at helping people come up with their process, acknowledging the talent that you already have.. ”


Become a True Coaching Expert + Design Your Unique Coaching Style

This is a 6 month experience that will transform your coaching. NOT by you learning to coach like me, but instead settling into who you are, owning your expertise, and bringing more of YOU to the table

Meet your coach, Lindsay 

I believe in the power of coaching, because for me it was just that.  Powerful.  It changed everything.

In 2014, I hired a life coach, and I haven’t looked back since.

From the moment I hired my first coach I was transfixed.  It helped me in ways therapy, hypnosis, medicine, meditation, exercise, etc etc didn’t. (**Not that these aren’t amazing tools, because of course they are**)

So in 2015 with a background in psychology and a fascination with humans, I became a coach and started coaching anyone that would let me.

And after years of coaching all the people on all the things – I decided to help my clients with that very thing.  Coaching the humans.  On all the things.

I think of coaching as a tool that we can use with our clients to help them transform their human experience into the one they want to have.  And I believe this takes many forms, many methods, and a unique awareness of how special it is when they let us in.

The thing is that when you work with people, you can’t forget all the nuances that make people… people. Unique individuals that have real concerns and real goals. You can’t just slap a generic formula on a situation and determine that it’s going to make any kind of real impact.

We have to bring the human experience to coaching. And in order to do that, we have to find the unique spark that happens when we combine your knowledge with your style and perspective.

This Advanced Certification is the next best thing to learning to coach for the very first time.

This is your chance to raise the coaching bar and make every client’s experience excellent. The ripple effect of your impact is in your hands. All you have to do is decide to take it.

“Working with Lindsay’ has been the best thing I ever did for my clients results in progress and growth and success.”


“She’s allowed me to fully step into like a full version of myself and the impact that I really do want to make in the world.”


frequently asked questions

Are there any prerequisites/requirements to join this certification?

No, you can join with any coaching background or niche.  Although, we do recommend you have a minimum knowledge of foundational coaching skills and clients that you are working with to implement as you learn.  If you are a new coach and want to create a solid foundation before joining this advanced certification, please click here for information for The Coach Lab. 

Is this certification linked to any coaching schools or accreditations?

This is a certification through Lindsay Dotzlaf Coaching, and is a stand alone training.

Do I have to be making a certain amount of money as a coach to join?

No.  Since this space is full of coaches with varying backgrounds, we understand some will have their own thriving practices, while others may have more experience coaching in corporate spaces/other businesses, or may be adding coaching to an existing skillset/business.  All are welcome.

Do I have to have a specific coaching structure or business format to join?

Absolutely not. One of the best parts about this space is the diversity of coaches/ business structures/ backgrounds/ etc.