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Fall in Love with the Art of Coaching

Your Craft. Your style. Your voice.

Okay, it’s time. Come on…have a seat…

It’s time for a little “heart to heart” like the ones from your favorite 90’s family sitcom.

But instead of just being left wishing that Danny Tanner was your IRL dad, this talk may actually change the way you show up as a coach, like, for good. 

Now, I know that you love your work. I also know that you love making an impact.

So on paper, it’s safe to say everything is looking goodish

But there’s a little somethin’ missing, right? Something that, maybe you can’t put your finger on, but that I’m about to reveal to you:

No, It’s not another coaching book to add to your bookshelf (step away from the Amazon Cart).

Nor is it adding another five skills to master in the next month (as trendy as the last one may have sounded).

it’s your confidence. It’s your clarity. It’s that vibe that when you walk into the room people ask to order whatever you’re having. It’s your unique and amazing style that sets your coaching apart from everyone else’s. 

It’s just a matter of figuring out: 

a) what that style really looks like.

b) how to know exactly how to tap into it consistently and yield consistent results for your coaching clients. 

Yes, you can totally get your “vavavoom” back, or create it in the first place. In fact, helping you do so is exactly why I’m here. 

Coaching excellence happens in stages.

Foundation * Mastery * Brilliance

I’m here for you, no matter which stage you’re in. 

Together, we’ll get you to your stylized, cherry on top, iconic brilliance.

It’s not always easy, but it is always simple.

My coaching business is more simple, more streamlined, and more clear. I feel more confident as a coach. And I am helping my clients get their results more quickly and more easily than ever.


My Story 

They say when you find a good thing, never let go or look back.

And that’s exactly what I did. I hired a life coach in 2014, and fell in LOVE.

It was like I had downed a cocktail that was perfectly blended to my tastes, experiences and backgrounds – one part psychology, one part human experience, a heavy shot of better understanding of myself, shaken, stirred and poured straight up. 

I was hooked. 

So in 2015, I knew I had to turn that experience into gold for others.

Note: that gold I’m referring to, yeah, it doesn’t appear because of my way. 

It happens when you do things your way. 

Which is exactly why I started my business in coaching other coaches to be the best at what they do (ok technically I started as a general life coach, coaching hundreds of hours on everything from relationships to getting stuff done to anything else you can think of).

I want you to truly own whatever it is that makes you shine as a coach, while knowing you are helping your clients create the results they came for. Because that’s how we fall in love with our crafts…and how our clients fall in love with themselves.

I’m doing things my way. But the world kinda sorta needs you to do things your way, too. 

(and by kinda sorta, I mean absofreakinglutely)

My Approach

The coaching world is full of all the opinions of “right ways” and “shoulds” when it comes to how to best help your clients.

Sometimes, it’s a little like we’ve been thrust into a manufacturing business.
You learn all the skills (which are helpful and necessary. They’re definitely something to hold onto) but sometimes it may feel like you’ve turned into a carbon copy, instead of the brilliant coach you could be.

But we’re not in the business of manufacturing. We’re in the art of helping others.

And true artists don’t carbon copy Van Gogh (or Banksy) and call it a day.

They dip their brushes into their own color pallet, spread the paint on in their own brush styles or paint cans, and create something that hasn’t yet been created yet.

And they feel satisfied with what comes out of it.

So regardless if you’re thinking “Did I ask the right questions”


“How can I show up even more like myself?”

In an industry where everyone is selling you their way, I want to help you find yours.

I want to help you find your way. The way that feels like you can throw out the “fit the mold” mentality and see coaching as more than equations with botta-bing, botta-boom tap dances complete with jazz hands.

The only 2 “shoulds” about coaching are that it should feel personalized, and your clients should get results.

Coaching is about the human experience. Period.

“I embraced being a general life coach who is able to coach on a variety of issues. I am able to better assist my clients in creating goals and seeing their results faster, as well as drop any pressure I put on myself to solve or fix my clients.


Lindsay taught us techniques that have helped me to be more purposeful in my coaching. I feel confident and know exactly how to guide my clients through my process and how to make sure they’re getting the results they want. 


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