You became a coach to help people, to foster growth, to empower dreams
- to make a difference.

You are dedicated to the relentless pursuit of excellence, to showing up fully and owning who you are, what you do, and who you’re here to serve.

I’m dedicated to helping you master the craft of coaching and amplify your impact 

with authenticity, alignment, and integrity. 

As coaches, we have the unique privilege of helping our clients bring awareness to the way they think, how they perceive the world, and the way they choose to show up in it.


A great coach isn’t defined by their tools, techniques, or certifications.

Coaching mastery is about asking insightful questions and having the capacity to hold space for your clients to explore their own thoughts, broaden their understanding of themselves, and find their own answers. This work creates a powerful shift that ripples outward into external transformation reaching far beyond your clients alone.


As a coach, the most essential investment you can choose to make is in your continued growth.

Because let’s be honest, your clients are looking for results.

The best way to serve your people, refine your expertise, and grow your business is to enhance your coaching skills.


The Coach Lab

Learn the foundations

This program will give you every tool you need to be a great coach, to help your clients create results, and help you feel more confident doing the thing you love.

This program includes:

➨ Weekly Live Coaching – bring any topic covered in the vault and ask questions/get coaching, watch your peers get coaching, and learn in real time.

➨ Workshops – interactive workshops giving you the opportunity to work through the topic in real-time.

➨ Community – upon joining The Coach Lab you will be added to a community of peers, all working towards the same goal. 

➨ Lifetime access – The Coach Lab is a one time fee, with access for the lifetime of the program.  No renewals or subscriptions.

Coaching Masters

Master the Art of Coaching

 As a coach, it’s your job to facilitate deeper understanding, to shine a light on new perspectives and possibilities, to be a steward of growth for your clients.

Coaching Masters is an intimate, community-based Mastermind created to bring more clarity, authenticity, and unwavering confidence to your coaching practice. 

Your Coaching Masters Experience includes:

➨ 6-month Mastermind Program 

➨ Weekly Zoom calls with your Coaching Masters cohort. First Zoom call is January 31st and then every Tuesday at noon ET for 6 months/26 weeks

➨ Integrated peer support and coaching to expand your perspective and enhance your craft

➨ Exclusive Facebook community – a place to bring ALL your coaching questions and connect with your cohort. Here you will be seen, heard, and held in a safe, supportive, and encouraging community of coaches who know where you’re coming from 

 Plus: Coaching Masters LIVE in Miami, Florida – where you work on one project that you will complete during the Mastermind. Official dates: March 1-3, 2023. (virtual option available)