I am a certified life coach and I can’t wait to help YOU be better at what you love.

I TOTALLY get it…you want to build your business AND be the best coach for your clients. WHAT IF being the best coach was the way to grow your business? WHAT IF doing the very thing you love could be your ticket to having the business you dream of?

Guess what? Focusing on my clients and being the best coach for them is EXACTLY how I did it. I didn’t use fancy sales funnels or constantly build my email list. I didn’t even have a website that I used until I had made multiple six figures in my business! WHAT???

Call me a rebel (it’s totally what I call myself), but I just knew that I wanted to build a business with PASSION.

And I knew that focusing on my growth and integrity as a coach was the way I was going to do it.

Now, you might already have fancy certifications (or not).

You might even have a beautiful website, funnels, ads, email lists, etc. These things are all great, but they are not required. You might build your business with paid ads or have a completely organic funnel.

NONE of this matters as much as being an amazing coach for your clients.

YOU have a responsibility to your clients. Clients hire you hoping that you have the answer that they are looking for. They need you to stand for them in a way that no one else does. They need to know that you are the person that will never judge them or give up on them.

As a coach, this can be a huge responsibility. I totally get it.

As your coach I will help you

  • Know how to coach your most “difficult” clients, EVEN when they are being defensive or closed off
  • Be able to say the hard things to your clients, no matter how uncomfortable you feel
  • Show up as a courageous coach to help your clients get the results they crave
  • Help you navigate your own feelings of judgment OR empathy towards your clients to show up as the best coach for them
  • Create safety and trust for your clients so they will ALWAYS be open and honest with you
  • Think about your niche (or non-niche) in a way that creates value for your clients
  • Be coachable and always get your own results
  • Have FUN!

Being a better coach can be the tool you use to GROW your business, close more consults, and make more money.

If you are ready to do this work, I am here for YOU. I can’t WAIT to get started!

I work with clients by application only.

Click below, fill out the application, be as honest as possible, and you will hear from me soon!

The moment that I decided to start saying yes to myself was when Lindsay appeared in my life.

I longed to start a business, but I was apprehensive about committing to it. I was not confident in my ability to manage my time and life around a new business without becoming confused or overwhelmed.
I didn’t want this to be an unpleasant experience and yearned to enjoy the process. I wanted to grow and take my business to the next level but lacked the conviction that it was possible as well as the knowledge of what that looked like. I am ecstatic to say that after hiring Lindsay, I doubled my clientele in two months! Beyond that, I am still growing. I’m headed towards more than quadrupling my income within one year of working with Lindsay. Making more money is wonderful, but the other results in my life that have come from Lindsay’s coaching are priceless. My confidence is soaring, my relationships are fulfilling and my stress has decreased by 80% or more. I have resolved insecurities and high hopes for my future with Lindsay as my coach.

Jamee Andelin

Honestly, I was hesitant to begin working with Lindsay.

I mean, I’m a Life Coach, and she’s younger than me. But, I knew I wanted to improve, to get better, and I knew I had some limiting believes that I had to work through to get to the coaching level I wanted.

Lindsay helped me do just that, her style is so reassuring you forget you’re being coached. Lately, she’s been helping me “find my voice” for my clients. I think I don’t know how to talk to them. She finds the blocks, in one conversation.

I show up more for my clients, not out of scarcity but from abundance. An abundance that she regularly reminds me of.

Lastly, it’s just nice to have someone in your back pocket when coaching clients and you feel a little, well stuck. For me it’s nice knowing I have someone to work with to help me show my clients their blind spots, it’s invaluable.

Brig Johnson
Life and weight coach for women in their 50’s who want to lose 50lbs.
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