Are you ready for coaching mastery?

I am going to teach you how to coach ANY client on ANY thing. You will become a coaching ninja. Your clients will get the results they came for, every time.

I know exactly where you are – you have learned the skill of coaching, you have clients, and you have a handle on running your business.

But, what about the actual day to day of your business – the coaching of the clients and the things that come up on these calls that no one told you about? The times that you think – NO ONE prepared me for this!

Clients give up on themselves. They don’t get results. They reschedule or don’t show up at all. Some even ask for their money back. How do you handle these situations?

Coaching Masters is an exclusive, intimate, and powerful Mastermind that will NEXT LEVEL your coaching skills.

Think of it as getting a master’s degree in coaching, surrounded by a small group of other coaches, just like you, looking to make an impact in this industry, one client at a time.

In this mastermind I will help you:

  • Know how to coach every client, EVEN when they are being defensive or closed off
  • Never feel doubt or confusion on client calls
  • Find great questions to ask your clients (and yourself), instead of leading with opinions and actions
  • Know how to coach your most “difficult” clients, and also know when to fire them
  • Show up as a courageous coach, saying the hard things, in service of your clients
  • Navigate your own feelings to show up as the powerful coach your clients need
  • Create safety and trust for your clients so they will ALWAYS be open and honest with you
  • Understand why clients want to quit, think something else is the answer, or continually have “shiny object syndrome” when they are already not focusing on the work they are doing with you
  • BE coachable to get your own results
  • Learn to coach yourself in a way you’ve never been taught, to take your self-coaching mastery to the next level

This mastermind is built specifically around solving the problems of YOUR actual coaching experience.

As a coach who has thousands of hours of coaching experience, I will help you navigate any situation, and feel confident coaching every client.

There is power in being in a group, learning from each other, seeing other coaches have the exact experiences you are having in your business, and being exposed to problems that you don’t know you have or haven’t been exposed to yet. By the end of 6 months your coaching skills will be FIRE, and your confidence ignited.

After Coaching Masters you will:

  • Have CONFIDENCE in yourself, your business, and your coaching skills
  • Learn the ability to coach on any topic, without being triggered (and know what to do if you are)
  • Create standards for your clients and yourself
  • Stop questioning if you are “worth” the price, the time, the clients, etc
  • Cultivate a very clear self-coaching practice that gets results, AND that you look forward to
  • Stop feeling confusion or uncertainty when working with clients
  • Have clients that WANT to work with you over and over
  • Feel love toward every client – even when they are difficult, or when they aren’t showing up how you want them to, and EVEN when it’s time to part ways
  • A community of coaches that understand and are learning with you and have your back

I want you to know you can coach every client on anything they bring.

This is Mastery.

This mastermind carefully curated- participants will be selected by application only.


  • 6 month Mastermind 
  • Weekly Zoom calls
  • Exclusive Facebook community
  • Community and connection with other coaches on the same path

When I started working with Lindsay I was confused, frustrated, and felt like such an amateur.

I knew I had been very successful in the past but worried if I’d ever be able to replicate that success as a coach and entrepreneur.

Lindsay helped me transform my business and coaching into something I’m really proud of, and that ensures my clients get the exact results they are looking for.

Specifically, Lindsay helped me to see that I have the exact experience and skills I need to be successful, and for my clients to accomplish their goals. She helped me uncover the roadblocks and obstacles (all self-inflicted) that were holding me back from coaching my clients more powerfully. And, she helps steer me back on track when I revert back to old patterns.

Because of Lindsay’s coaching and guidance, I’m now able to manage consults and client coaching calls from a clear and confident place. I know exactly how to help the client, what to say, how to push them, how to redirect them, and how to support them to get the results they want.

Melisa Liberman
Career Coach

The moment that I decided to start saying yes to myself was when Lindsay appeared in my life.

I longed to start a business, but I was apprehensive about committing to it. I was not confident in my ability to manage my time and life around a new business without becoming confused or overwhelmed.
I didn’t want this to be an unpleasant experience and yearned to enjoy the process. I wanted to grow and take my business to the next level but lacked the conviction that it was possible as well as the knowledge of what that looked like. I am ecstatic to say that after hiring Lindsay, I doubled my clientele in two months! Beyond that, I am still growing. I’m headed towards more than quadrupling my income within one year of working with Lindsay. Making more money is wonderful, but the other results in my life that have come from Lindsay’s coaching are priceless. My confidence is soaring, my relationships are fulfilling and my stress has decreased by 80% or more. I have resolved insecurities and high hopes for my future with Lindsay as my coach.

Jamee Andelin
Lifecoach | @jameeandelin

Honestly, I was hesitant to begin working with Lindsay.

I mean, I’m a Life Coach, and she’s younger than me. But, I knew I wanted to improve, to get better, and I knew I had some limiting believes that I had to work through to get to the coaching level I wanted.

Lindsay helped me do just that, her style is so reassuring you forget you’re being coached. Lately, she’s been helping me “find my voice” for my clients. I think I don’t know how to talk to them. She finds the blocks, in one conversation.

I show up more for my clients, not out of scarcity but from abundance. An abundance that she regularly reminds me of.

Lastly, it’s just nice to have someone in your back pocket when coaching clients and you feel a little, well stuck. For me it’s nice knowing I have someone to work with to help me show my clients their blind spots, it’s invaluable.

Brig Johnson
Life and weight coach for women in their 50’s who want to lose 50lbs. |