Lindsay Dotzlaf

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Hi, It’s Lindsay

I am a master certified coach, with certifications through the Institute for Equity-Centered Coaching and The Life Coach School. I’ve been through all the masteries, the coach trainings, the intensives, and through it all I learned one major thing:

You can learn all the tools in the world. But the one thing that will actually impact your work with your clients is understanding exactly what super power you’re bringing to the table and how to turn it on whenever you need to.

Until one day I realized I didn’t need more tools to be a great coach. And you don’t either.

We’ve all learned the lingo, practiced the equations, and memorized the secret handshakes of the coaching world. And honestly? They’re not all bad. In fact, they’re (mostly) great. Having more tools in your toolbox is a good thing. They will help you coach your clients, and they will help you continue to reach them.

And listen, I totally understand the draw to enrolling in “just one more training to learn the next best thing.”
I’ll admit it – I LOVE gold stars.  I spent a lot of time looking for the next training that would finally add that last star to my “you did a great job” chart.

Until one day I realized I didn’t need more tools to be a great coach. And you don’t either.

Because those tools alone aren’t going to move your clients or you.

It’s time to figure out what to do with those tools. And not just in a “Here’s a hammer, hammer a nail” way. But in a:

Here’s your hammer. Let’s build a customized house that fits who you are in this moment way….and while we’re at it, let’s decorate the shit out of it, in a way that feels like home to you

It’s time to learn how to use those tools, and use them in a way that results in unique connection, clear understanding, and both you and your clients walking away knowing that you’re both accomplishing your goals.

My first realization

It wasn’t until I hired my first coach that I really understood how transformative coaching could be. It changed so much about my life – on the inside and outside.

Then, when I was first starting out as a coach, it was easy to slip into the habit of showing up exactly the way I was taught, mimicking others who were rocking their coaching, and wondering what the disconnect was between what they’re doing and how I felt I was doing. (“Is it some magical formula? They must know something I don’t, right?”)

But I learned that while showing up like everyone else did work to an extent, it was change from within that actually helped create the impact I wanted with my work.

So I worked on that. The way I thought about myself. The way I think about my coaching, and myself as a coach. The lens I use to see the world around me and the coaching industry as a whole. 

And let me tell you…this was the magic that changed it all

When you shift the way you see things inside, it shifts how you change the world.

I wanted to learn how to coach beyond strategy- I wanted to learn the art of coaching someone who was unable to make progress. I have zero anxiety about how a session will go. I am able to trust myself my client to know what to say/do next.

Meredyth El-Amine, Nutrition Coach

“I love that Lindsay always challenges us to identify what we are already offering that is unique and beneficial for our clients. She offers clarity and tweaks that assist in creating structure to what already exists. She encourages us to look inward.

Mary Howard, Life and Mindset Coach

Here’s the thing: I’ve been around, uplifting thousands of coaches, hosting live events, masterminds, and trainings in diverse coaching communities. And I’ve learned a little something about the coaching world and most of the coaches in it:

Most of you got into coaching for the same reason I did.

Because life in the “serious” lane (Aka, corporate, ladder-chasing gigs that tick off the marks for profit and profit alone) just wasn’t cutting it for you.

And you want to make a difference, a splash, a ripple.

You know, create impact, induce change, tryna bring out the fabulous (as Lizzo would say).

That’s where I come in. 

I want to sit down with you. I want to help you figure out what it is that makes you the coach your clients are after. And I want to help pull out your unique nuances so you can show up knowing that you’re standing solid in your calling to make a difference with your people.

So if you’re feeling that outcome just as much as I am, let’s sit down. Let’s discuss. Let’s get you into the program that’s going to turn your good coaching into a confidently great coaching experience and let your brilliance shine.