To compete in this industry you must be GOOD at coaching.

I’ve always had a passion for two things…psychology and business. When I found life coaching it was love at first site. I was running two businesses already–both successful. Neither my calling.

Business isn’t as fun when you don’t have an advanced skillset in something you deeply love.

And loving something deeply gets easier when you know what you are doing.

For the last three years I have passionately focused on the skill of coaching.

But not like how you think or maybe you’ve been told you have to do it.

I didn’t take a bunch of courses on coaching. I learned through my own life.

And through a process I created along the way, of working with tons of clients, and figuring out how to coach them to create massive results.

You will lose clients on consults and clients who have signed with you, when you don’t coach them skillfully.

As a coach, the most important thing you can ever invest in is your continued growth.

I grew my business with a focus on the craft of coaching and I teach my clients how to do that too.

I hired Lindsay because I was stuck for years in my coaching practice.

I was making about 1k per month, and always had 3-4 clients per month. I was looking for someone to help me see where I can improve my coaching.

Within 3 months I reached 6k and 15 clients, and it’s still growing ! What I love most about her is she helps me show up as a better coach and a better person. I can help my clients and feel more confident as a coach.

She helped me build my business in an authentic way – a way that I love.

Fanny Gippa
Love + Mindset Coach