Ep #105: 5 Rounds of Coaching Masters! With Sheri Strzelecki

Mastering Coaching Skills Lindsay Dotzlaf | 5 Rounds of Coaching Masters! With Sheri Strzelecki

With the next enrollment for Coaching Masters coming up soon, I have one of my amazing clients on the show to share her experience in her first four rounds of Coaching Masters, and why she’s decided to enroll again for the fifth time. That’s right, this is will be her fifth round of my mastermind, and she has some pretty good reasons to keep coming back.

Sheri Strzelecki is a coach who helps guide her clients back to a path that feels in alignment with their purpose through a practice of presence and intentional mind-body connection. Sheri has created incredible results in each round of Coaching Masters, and she’s helped her own clients grow in the same way, and she’s here to talk all about it!

Tune in this week to discover why Sheri joined Coaching Masters, and why she’s come back time after time, getting more growth every single round. We’re also discussing every aspect of Sheri’s journey, the learning and evolution she’s been through, and what’s helped Sheri build a growing coaching practice she loves.

Enrollment for the next round of Coaching Masters is open from November 14th through November 18th, 2022, and the program starts in January 2023. So, if you want to hone your specific coaching processes that lean into your values and your unique coaching style, click here to get on the waitlist!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What was different about the last round of Coaching Masters, and how it added to the value Sheri got from the mastermind.
  • The power of being in the collective energy of a group like this, both online and in person.
  • Why Sheri keeps coming back to Coaching Masters time and again.
  • The growth that coaches like us get from our clients.
  • What Sheri worked on during the last round of Coaching Masters and what she has coming up next year.
  • The clarity and evolution Sheri has created for herself and her coaching, both inside Coaching Masters and outside.
  • What changes when you commit to self-discovery and deepening growth.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Hi, this is Lindsay Dotzlaf and you are listening to Mastering Coaching Skills episode 105.

To really compete in the coaching industry, you have to be great at coaching. That’s why every week, I will be answering your questions, sharing my stories, and offering tips and advice so you can be the best at what you do. Let’s get to work.

Hey coach, I have something so fun for you today. Or at least it was fun for me and I hope it is also fun for you. With the enrollment of Coaching Masters, my six month mastermind. With the enrollment of that coming up very soon, which by the way, if you’re not on the waitlist, go get on it either in the show notes or you can find it on my Instagram or on my website, lindsaydotzlafcoaching.com.

And with the enrollment of that coming up, I thought it would be very fun to interview a couple of my Coaching Masters students, clients. And so today that is happening and I’m interviewing my amazing friend and client, Sheri Strzelecki. She has been on the podcast before and she was actually one of the very first interviews that I did. Not the first, but maybe the second or third.

So if you want to listen to her first interview, I think it could be really fun to compare the two because one thing that we talk about in this podcast is why she has decided to enroll again for the Coaching Masters mastermind. She’s currently in her fourth round. She is about to enroll for her fifth round. And so we just talk a lot about that, and why she’s decided to do that and all the results that she has created because of it. And to me, I think one reason that it feels so fun to think about and so fun to have this conversation with her, you know, we talk a lot about the results that we help our clients create and the growth that we help our clients have. And one thing that maybe we don’t talk about often enough is the growth that we, as coaches, have from our clients.

So shout out to Sheri, because one thing that she has really helped me see is why someone would keep coming back to do the mastermind over and over. Now, I certainly don’t think that that is a requirement by any means. But when I very first started Coaching Masters I really thought that for most people it would be a one and done situation, or maybe they would do it twice. But I couldn’t really see much past that.

So with the help of Sheri and some of my other amazing clients who have also continued to re-enroll I have really seen their growth and the power that this mastermind just helps them harness and, you know, just all of the results that they’re creating from it. And it is truly blowing my mind.

They are changing as humans in amazing ways that they want to. They are having business growth, they are making so much more money. And I knew these things were all possible, but it’s just so fun for me to watch my clients do this and for them to kind of show me why they keep enrolling and why it’s something that I should encourage others to do as well.

So that is part of what we’re talking about today. But it’s just so fun seeing Sheri’s growth and how clear she is about what she does and who she helps. And we talk about a new program that she has coming out and just all the things, all the goodness. I really hope you enjoy. Here you go.

Lindsay: Hello, I am so glad you’re here. I’m so excited to do this interview. Introduce yourself in case they don’t know who you are. Tell them everything.

Sheri: Hello hello, I am Sheri Strzelecki and I’m a life and leadership coach that focuses on mind body connection. And I am super excited to be here with you.

Lindsay: I love it. So you have been on the podcast before, quite a while ago. Over a year ago I think, I didn’t look it up which episode. But you’ve been here before, but since then you have been in my mastermind, Coaching Masters, a few times maybe since the last time you were here and so much has changed.

And we were chatting recently at a live event that I did for Coaching Masters, we were chatting about it and we were like you know we should do another podcast and just kind of check in on how things are going, what changes you have made. All the growth, all the everything. So that’s what we’re here to do today.

Sheri: Yeah, I love it so much.

Lindsay: Okay, so where do you want to start? I’m just kidding, I can ask the questions.

Sheri: Yeah, I was like, “Um.”

Lindsay: So first of all, as we’re recording this, I just recently recorded a podcast that will come out right before this that is all about the live event I just did in Chicago, which is a new portion of my mastermind. And so let’s just talk about that a little bit because that was something that we brought up that we thought like, oh, this would be fun just kind of talking about the experience, what we did there, what you decided you wanted to work on. Plus, you get to like make a big reveal on the podcast, which I’m pretty excited about.

So tell me your experience. So you’ve been in Coaching Masters, how many rounds? I forget.

Sheri: Four.

Lindsay: Four. I think more than anyone. I think you have the trophy at this point.

Sheri: Yeah.

Lindsay: You’re like, “Yeah, I know.”

Sheri: I’m coming for five, people.

Lindsay: So good. And this is the first time that I have included a live event with the mastermind, with the six month mastermind. And I’m curious just what your thoughts are about, you know, what that shifted for you. Like what were the differences for you coming to the live event?

Sheri: Yeah. So I would say, I think it really, honestly, was super impactful and shifted so much, just my like self-concept as a coach of my business and what was actually available for me, right?

And so I say that from two different places, one being a part of Coaching Masters and being a part of just the mastermind so many times. And always, each time, being able to take away so much value, so much growth, so much just learning, even just about myself as an individual, as a coach, as a business owner.

And then also like knowing going into this round that this element was added. And just like I believe that being, I think there’s one thing about being in collective energy like via Zoom, which I love. And then there’s another experience of being in the collective energy of people in person.

But I will say what was so fabulous about this live event was that we had both, right? So not all of the people in Coaching Masters were able to attend live. And then we had a group of us that were there. And I was so amazed at how there wasn’t really like a difference. Like the people that were there via Zoom, I mean, from my experience it was like they were there right with us.

So I thought that was brilliant and just like amazing on how you could create that space where we had the live event and then also people online. And I just thought, “Oh, that’s amazing.” And something that I think, maybe offered me an opportunity to see what was available, you know? Because when I vision growth and stuff like that, I want to impact as many people as possible. And so I loved that.

Lindsay: Well, I’m so glad you said that. And that is one thing that was one of my probably biggest, fear is a strong word, but one of my biggest maybe concerns going into it was the tech. Just in general tech isn’t my favorite thing and just the setup of I knew I really wanted them to feel included and feel like they were there.

And I am so grateful for everyone that was there in the room that, at least on our side of course, and I’m going to be actually interviewing someone who was on Zoom. So we’ll hear the other side of the story as well. But it was definitely, you know, I was so grateful for everyone in the room that everyone kind of embraced it and we figured it out.

We had some mic issues and we had to work on it constantly, but it was a group effort and I think that hopefully they had a similar experience to what you had.

Sheri: Absolutely. I think walking away and hearing everyone’s feedback, I would say 100% they did. And then also I just think there is this piece of the live event where you get to focus on the one thing. And for me, I think that was huge. Just like, oh, I’m going to dedicate these days to just working on my business, on my thoughts, on what I’m experiencing, and on what I’m creating.

And I loved that because I think as entrepreneurs and as coaches, you know, so much we’re being of service to others and we’re getting pulled in different directions. And so having that and then being in the room and the energy of everyone else doing the same thing, I just think that that elevates everything. So I loved it.

Lindsay: I think so much of my work, I’ve noticed this just recently, so much of my work is kind of showing people how to eliminate, like go from all the things spinning around in their head to like, “Wait, wait, hold on. Let’s like focus, right? Let’s bring it in. What’s the one thing I’m working on right now? What’s the one thing I want to focus on?”

And so I did know going into that, one of the things I wanted to create was a space where we’re just focused on the one thing, right? The project, the thing that you’re working on. And I gave examples of that in the last episode of kind of all the different things that you all worked on.

But the beauty of it for me is that, yes, everyone walked away with a plan and everyone is creating these big amazing things, which is so fun for me to see as the coach. But it’s also just so interesting seeing how it brings up, it really brings up like all the things that you have to work on. All the things bubble up, all the insecurities, even though you’re only focused on just this one thing.

Sheri: Yes, 100%. And I will also add that working on that one thing, it was so interesting because when you were like, “Hey everybody, we’re going to be leaving here,” like you had us go through this exercise and then you know, “we’re going to be leaving here with your next steps.” And all of us were like, “Sure we are.”

Lindsay: No way.

Sheri: Right, like that’s amazing, I hope that’s true. So all of the drama came out there. And then it actually was true and we still went through all of the drama.

So what I really learned and became aware of is like how when we are focused like that, when we are in that community of just like focusing and doing it together, we don’t really have to stay in the drama as long. So, wow. Like how can I apply that at home too, right? Like how can I apply that when I’m here working and not in a live event?

Lindsay: Before we move on, because I want to ask you what your project was.

But before we do that, one thing that I know that I’ve heard from other people, that I’ve heard from other coaches, and that I’ve honestly experienced myself, is when you’re in-person, when you’re around other people and you’re coming together, maybe with people that you’ve never actually met in person, maybe you see them every week on Zoom, there is an added layer of, can be an added layer of discomfort, right? Or of what are these people are going to think of me? What are they, you know, whatever.

How do you personally, well, first of all, do you have that? I think I know the answer because we’ve talked about it. But like do you have that? And how do you work through it?

Sheri: So good. Yeah, of course I have that. I would say that that is probably a constant reel running through my brain of how are people going to receive me? Or am I going to be too much or just like over the top? Just because I do have just like big energy, right?

And what was super funny is that you and I were having this conversation about this insecurity and you reminded me of like, that’s so funny, I don’t think anyone ever receives you that way. And I’m like, well, maybe, right? Like, sure, maybe. But I was a little nervous showing up.

And so I think that what I did was I did try to just remind myself, like it’s okay, I’m for some people, I’m not for everyone, right? So self-coaching myself through it prior to people arriving and us all meeting. And then just really allowing myself to experience the people, right?

And instantaneously when I met these individuals it was like just a gush of loving all over each other. Like non-judgment, support, empowerment, excitement, like all of the things that I really am all about. And then I’m just like, we’re all here to do the same work and we’re all here to just support each other and grow together, and that’s super powerful. So, I mean, I just kind of allowed myself to be.

Lindsay: I love that. And the reason I wanted to ask and kind of bring it up is because I think it’s so easy to be in our own heads thinking, “I am the only one that’s experiencing this, everyone else here looks totally normal. Like they’re just having a normal time, being normal humans who just are comfortable in this space.” And from everyone I’ve talked to, that’s just so rarely true.

The experience that everyone else is having on the inside is so different than just what it might look like they’re having on the outside. And I just think it’s so good to just, I just kind of wanted to put that out into the world because I think so many people would look at even you and people that know you would say like, “What? There’s no way. Why would you be nervous? That’s so crazy.” And I just think it’s true, it’s just like part of the human experience.

Sheri: Yeah, I love that.

Lindsay: Okay, so you picked a project to work on for the event. What was it?

Sheri: I am starting a podcast.

Lindsay: Yay!

Sheri: In January. So my project was a podcast and I’m so excited about it. I’m nervous and also feel very just kind of calm and like, “Yeah, let’s do this. I’m ready.”

Lindsay: So good. What is the podcast? Who is it for? What’s it about? What do you want to share with us about that?

Sheri: So it is called Lead, and it is a podcast about living embodied, ambitious and deliberate. And it’s for anyone that is just feeling like their inner landscape and their outer landscape just want to like align and you want to live in a more purposeful life. If you want to lead your life that way in all areas, just kind of like the mind, body and soul of it.

And I really talk about how we connect our mind and our bodies, and how we really walk in alignment with our hearts and feel really grounded in the process. And just, I’m really excited about it.

Lindsay: And you coach leaders, right? That’s something you said in the intro. But what’s kind of your definition of leaders? So if someone’s, you know, listening to this and thinking like, “Is this like me? Am I a leader? Or you know, this person in my life, is this for them?” Like how would they know?

Sheri: Yeah, I love that. So, yes, I do coach individuals and I do coach in organizations and leadership teams. But really my true definition is like we’re all leaders, right? I think it begins with the individual, and so I think leadership kind of falls apart when we aren’t connected to ourself, right? When we aren’t living in alignment with who we are, what we desire, how we want to show up in the world.

And I just have created this for everyone because we’re all leaders, right, in some form, shape or fashion. And, you know, we’re just leading our life. So that’s kind of what I bring even to the organizations that I work with.

Lindsay: Okay, so I love that definition of leaders. And when you, so your podcast is called Lead, and how would you describe who your podcast is for? Is it the same definition or is it something different?

Sheri: You know, here’s the thing, I think it is for anyone who wants to learn embodiment practices. And what I mean by that is if you are a feeler, if you are someone that wants to have tools and techniques to really bring you out of your mind and into your body. or if you begin with your body and you have all the feelings and you want to learn how to activate your mind to really allow you to step into your purpose, your intention, your life, your relationships, whatever.

I think it’s for all of those people, right? Like I would consider myself as a deep feeler. And every single time I talk about just like really coming home to ourselves I always say as we grow, we deepen.

And so it doesn’t really matter where you’re at, if you’re like all in your mind and you’re having all of the thoughts and you’re trying to figure it all out, oftentimes slowing down and connecting to ourselves through breath and meditation, or grounding the energy of who we are. Like anxiety, overwhelm and just really kind of bringing ourselves back to ourselves, then it can create the space for us to like just step into what we’re really desiring, right?

If it’s the other way around, it’s like I have this feeling, I have this nudge, I have this like pull in my heart. And I know it’s possible and I just don’t know how to do it. Like this is for you, right? I’m going to teach you. I’m going to give you practices to try. I’m going to walk you and guide you. It’s going to be an experience. Not just my experience, but experience within yourself. I believe that it’s really all cultivated from within.

Lindsay: So something that I love that has been so fun for me as your friend and as your coach is to watch you over these last few rounds of Coaching Masters, like watch you really settle into who you are and what you do as a coach. Not who you are as a human, obviously, you already knew that.

Sheri: I don’t know about that. But I think that’s also like the truth, right? Like I think that’s part of the process.

Lindsay: Yeah, totally. And I think it’s just been so fun for me to witness that settling into and the process of trying to figure it out, right? Like is this who I coach? Or is this who I coach? Because you’ve always had a pretty broad like general niche. And so it’s been really fun to watch you kind of explore that. And recently come to me and say, “Oh my gosh, this is it. Here’s the thing, I’m creating this program, I’m creating this podcast.”

So one thing, the podcast is coming up, but one thing you’re working on currently is enrolling for your new group coaching program. So tell us a little bit about that because it really mirrors the work that you’re doing for your podcast.

Sheri: Yes. So it is also called Lead, I think that is just like my thing, right? And it’s living embodied, ambitious, and deliberate. One, because that’s who I am, right? I am someone who wants to go out and just like do all the things. And I know that there’s other people out there that are like me.

And so it’s the same, right? It’s going to be where like science and physiology meet energy, meet intuition, meet self-trust and decision making and just like all of the things. There’s going to be workshops, there’s going to be, so it’s really structured on like the mind, body and soul, right? And there’s going to be learning, and application, and support, and co-creative energy. And just really kind of learning and like being aware of our whole self, right?

Like living in an embodied state of like, this is who I am, this is how I work, this is how I process. This is like working with myself rather than against myself, right? Like bottom line, right? I think so often, which even to speak to kind of my evolution of what you were even bringing up is, I kept just trying to figure it out, figure it out, figure it out.

And I was open to try all of the things. And then I would have to like, does that feel in alignment with who I am? No. Does this feel? Well, this feels this, like this feels amazing and juicy, and I love it, and yet people aren’t going to know what I’m talking about. And I’m like, that’s not true, right?

And then really kind of anchoring into that truth and being able to trust myself and access all of those parts of myself, right? Because I will say that I’m a very intuitive being. I will say that I can connect and read the energies. I mean to me it’s my gift, right? Like I can really feel and connect with people.

And just kind of anchoring into that and just being me, has been the best thing for me, for my business, for my work, for my clients, for everyone that comes in contact with me. And I do you think that it’s something that I’ve always known, and yet feared so much of like allowing to be, right?

Like, I feared that I wouldn’t be accepted. I feared all of the things, right? Like who am I to say, or do, or know? And it was like, how do I process things? What is it that I need? And when we were at the live event, all of my processing that was taking place was just so me and everything that I needed to do. And I just never would have done that, I don’t think, before.

Lindsay: Yeah, it’s really so fun, truly, as your coach, but also just as your friend too because I’ve just known you for so long. Just so fun to watch you own it and like step into it and like this is just who I am, this is just how I process things, this is my daily routine, right? Like this is how I do things and there’s nothing wrong with it. Which I’m pretty sure I’ve been telling you for maybe 20 years, but it’s finally catching on.

Sheri: Yeah, probably. Yeah. And being able to laugh alongside it right now, right? Because I can laugh at myself, just like my process is literally like I got to get up, I got to take some deep breaths, I got to move my body. I got to move this energy within me. I need to like ground my thoughts. I need to really connect with my heart and decide, okay, how can I create the space to just whatever, do the thing, right? Whatever that is, right? Have the conversation, create the magic, whatever.

Lindsay: One thing that was so apparent when we were together in person, which is funny because we’ve been together in person many times just as friends, but that really stood out to me this time and I think it was maybe because you just allowed yourself to just be you the whole time and like not have any thoughts about it, is how kind of different you and I process things and how different just processes in general as humans are.

And it was one thing we talked about while we were there, is oh this is so fascinating how like everybody just has kind of their own thing. And you could literally see it playing out on a physical level of like I’m just a very quiet person. I’m just like quiet as a mouse, you would never know I’m there. And your processes are very loud and like take up a lot of space.

But literally, neither is better, right? It’s not like being quiet, being whatever is not any better than what you’re doing. And what you’re doing is like I, Lindsay, do not have to do those things to like be a different human.

And so it was just, I’m like super nerdy and could geek out about stuff like that all day. But I just think it’s so fascinating to think about, oh, this is what you need. This is what fills you up. This is what like propels you forward. And on the kind of opposite end of the spectrum sometimes like, here’s my process. This is what I need. Here’s how I take care of myself.

Do you have anything to add to that? Or like what are your thoughts about that?

Sheri: Well, I would agree. And I would say that it was through Coaching Masters that really allowed me to discover this process. So one thing that I will say is that, you know, I’ve been through Coaching Masters four times. And while it’s always for me, the idea is also always for my clients, right?

But I would say probably the first three, I don’t know, maybe the first two for sure, right? The first two rounds were all about me, right? Like what is my process? What is just even in processing information, right? Not like what is my process of like running my business, right?

Lindsay: Right.

Sheri: What is my process of processing information and what does it feel like? And I think discovering that and just, I mean, again, while I think it’s something that I’ve always known, I’ve kind of done quietly for myself.

But then really activating it and learning it in Coaching Masters and saying, okay, this is actually what I need and I see that this is so much of what people I work with need, right? Because I always say I am you, you are me. Like all of the things that they’re experiencing, I’m also like processing it in the body, right? And so I’m like, oh, if I’m all up here, how can I drop into my body and feel it there? Like what’s actually happening?

And I would say that I was able to do that because I was listening to your process of teaching it, right? And then I just had to exercise it. Does that make sense?

Lindsay: It does make sense.

Sheri: Like let me just throw my go-to in there.

Lindsay: Okay, so let’s talk a little bit about the evolution that you have had over the last few rounds of Coaching Masters. Because when you say that being in Coaching Masters helped you kind of own that about yourself and own your process, just you as a human, your process, not even just your coaching process. How has that helped?

And the reason I’m asking some people listening might be like, “Wait, what? I thought this was like a program to learn your coaching process and to be a better coach.” But to me, and I think you would agree, it’s the same thing, right? The work that we’re doing as coaches totally wraps into the work that we do on ourselves as humans. So why do you think that happened? Like how did the Coaching Masters process help you realize these things about yourself?

Sheri: Well it allowed me to see my brain, right? It allowed me to think about things and give me perspective that I wasn’t necessarily even aware of, right? And so it really brought it into my awareness. And then I would sit with, you know, like I’d go to the calls, I’d listen, I’d get coaching. I’d go and do the work. And then, again, I think it kind of goes back to even what I say like my definition of leaders are, right? Like it starts with us.

And so one way, you know, sometimes I will say, “Oh, how’s this showing up with my clients,” right? But I’m always like, okay, well, where’s this showing up in my life, in my experience just in whatever area that I can resonate with the most? And then how do I translate it, right?

And so I think that kind of even shows you the steps of even my process, right, of just in general, right? Like you might have literal step by step. I do too, but mine is like, oh, here’s this information. Whoa, what does it feel like in my body? Does it feel heavy? Does it feel spacious? Do I see myself like clenching up? Am I resisting someplace? Am I like, oh, that makes sense, oh, perfect, I can just decide? Great. Can I let that go? Like that is how my process actually works. And I always kind of like to see it like as, like outside of myself almost, right? Like here it is, let me envision what is actually taking place and kind of take note.

Lindsay: So when you think about where you are compared to where you were a few rounds ago, when would that have been? Like a year ago, two years ago? Something along those lines. Let’s think about, I want you to just say out loud the differences you see. I’m just going to put you on the spot and make you really uncomfortable. I want you to tell me like how much clarity you have created for yourself, because Coaching Masters is not going to take all the credit for this. What has been kind of your evolution? Like how would you describe how you were thinking about these things, how you were thinking about your coaching, even like a year ago?

Sheri: I would say me even connecting my thought of like nobody understands what I’m saying, people think I’m stupid, those kind of thoughts. And really just connecting it to my heart and being like, that’s not actually true, right? And finding the evidence of all the ways that that’s not true.

And I have so many clients that will like have the same sort of story. And just like we’re having the human experience, right? Like we’re just humans. And so when I can separate that a little bit, then I create the space to say, “Okay, well, that’s not serving me. That’s not serving you, right?” Like I can say that to my clients and also it can feel really true. So now what do we want to do with it, right?

And so I think just creating the space for me to witness myself and to experience myself and to make decisions around like, I can hold on to that story, I can hold that in my body, I can believe that. Or I can just go and be me and do what I want to do and be brilliant and make connections and love my life.

Lindsay: And are those thoughts gone? So for anyone that’s listening that’s like, “Oh my gosh, yes, these are like my favorite thoughts too, right? The thoughts that are like, no one’s going to understand what I’m saying. Does this even make sense? You know, whatever brand of-

Sheri: How do I do it?

Lindsay: Yes. I don’t know how to do it. All those brands have thoughts, right, that are just like shutting you down, don’t do that thing because you obviously don’t know how. Are those thoughts just gone? Or do they just like come along for the ride?

Sheri: Yeah, they come along for the ride. And I think that’s the biggest shift for me, right? Like in the evolution of like there is nothing wrong with me, I do not need to fix myself. I can make different choices and decisions because I want to, but this is just who I am.

This is a part of my thought process. This is what my brain is always going to offer me. This is how my body is always going to feel. And I get to just like notice it, maybe do some coaching, or ask for coaching, or utilize some of my tools and just say, “Come on. Okay.” Yeah, just a little bit.

Lindsay: One of my favorite questions to ask, which I know I’ve asked you many times in any of my spaces. In Coaching Masters or in the Coach Lab, when this comes up for people when they’re, you know, it’s like a self-concept issue coming up of like, I’m not good enough. I don’t know what I’m talking about. People aren’t going to understand me.

One of my favorite questions to ask is if we just set that to the side for a second, right? We’re just going to like pluck it out of your brain, just set it to the side. You can pick it back up if you want to. I always say that, right? Like you’re welcome to carry it.

But let’s just set it to the side and think about like what would I be solving for if it wasn’t fixing myself, right? If it wasn’t like, I’m not enough, I’m not whatever about your self-concept or your thoughts about yourself? Because those thoughts are just there to keep us safe, right?

They’re like, “No, please don’t do that thing. Don’t go do the scary thing. Here’s your favorite thought, just hold on to that like a blanket and let’s just stay safe right here.

Have you, I know I’ve asked you that question before, is that something that you find you can do? Like does that feel useful to you? And when you’ve worked through those things, like what happens? What comes out on the other side?

Sheri: Yes, definitely useful. I would say that it is something that I use and potentially have to exercise a lot for me, right? And remind myself of that.

So I’ve really been kind of just leaning into not necessarily reframing the thought, right? But just like what is true? What is actually true? What is actually happening?

And then allowing myself to experience whatever it is that my brain is saying that is happening and just kind of being like, “Okay. That’s okay. And what would I be missing out on if I didn’t do that?” Or what would I be holding back? How would I not be of service to my clients, my family, my everything?

Lindsay: Yes. Okay, let’s come back to, because we were talking about your program and we got a little, I got a little sidetracked. Give us like the details. Like when does it start?

Sheri: This is the first program, I would say the podcast, this program is the first program that I really am super excited. I’m always excited about things that I’m offering, but this just feels different. It feels like just created with so much love and passion and just like everything, right?

It is 12 weeks and so I’ve like poured everything into it because I just want to allow you to experience it. And I do always say that, like working with me is an experience because we do a lot of the embodiment work. So it’s a 12 week program. It’s got workshops. It’s got live coaching. Within that it’s got four one-on-one calls to like really focus on you. It’s got embodiment practices and videos that you receive just to kind of continue in between. And I just have loved creating it. And I’m super excited to offer it to everyone.

It comes out in January. There’s going to be some bonuses and like some surprises that are going to be coming. So yeah, I’m just really excited. It’s $1,500.

Lindsay: That’s a steal.

Sheri: Or it’s three payments of 500. So I want it to be accessible to everyone. I am super excited to offer this. I think that this is just going to be like my offering moving forward because of the community aspects and just like the work. I’m excited.

Lindsay: I’m so excited for you because I remember this exact feeling for me when I created Coaching Masters. It was like, “Oh, this is the work, this is what I’ve been working up to. This is like my work.” And it felt like I was so settled in it and so, you know, all the things kind of that you just said of like, I can’t wait to pour everything into this.

And it was like my nervousness kind of faded away a little bit. Of course, it was still there. There was nervousness of like selling it, are people going to want it or whatever. Which I’m sure you’re experiencing right now as you are in a launch.

Sheri: Yeah, all those.

Lindsay: But what would you say to people because I, and this is part of why I created Coaching Masters, right? It’s like I see so many people that want to skip all of that learning because they see, they listen to you right now, they listen to what I’m saying about Coaching Masters. Maybe they just found me and so they see like, “Oh, she’s doing this thing and she just like really loves it, right? And it’s so clear.”

And, you know, whatever. And I try to talk about it all the time, where I’m like, “No, no, no, you don’t understand, this is like my ninth round. It has been a work in progress, right?” And so many coaches want to just like find that thing for them. They want to, we see people do it even in the mastermind that you’re in right now, right? Where it’s like they want to create their like forever thing, their forever program.

But what do you think happens, like what do you think they miss if they skip all of that learning? Like what are you experiencing right now that there’s like no way you could have experienced two years ago if you just said like, oh, wait, I think I know what the thing is?

Sheri: I think this is going to make me emotional, first of all. So good question because I’m not an emotional person, no.

Lindsay: Asking the hard hitting questions.

Sheri: Yeah.

Lindsay: So for those of you that can’t see Sheri, I just have to tell you, I actually don’t know what’s coming up, but your whole face just changed and your eyes filled with tears.

Sheri: There’s so much that you miss about your own journey if you skip ahead. And there’s so much love, and so much growth, and so much like awareness of just like your strength and your courage and just like the possibility and just like development of who you are at your core that you didn’t even realize you had in you, but always wanted. Or always, like when you’re looking at what everyone else is doing and all of those things and I think that’s what you miss.

I always say like when we set goals and stuff like that or we, like oftentimes we’re like, “Okay, we’re here and we want to get there.” I’m always like, “Perfect, all of this stuff in the middle is like my wheelhouse. All this shit is going to be dredged up and I’m going to just like love you through it. I’m going to allow you to love yourself through it. I’m going to allow you to experience you.

Because that then makes the result, or the goal, or the program so much more of like your work in the world, and who you are, how you want to show up. And it’s like, holy shit, right? I did all of that and I had no idea that this is what it was going to look like. And yet, it is just like heart driven. It like came from me, instead of figuring it out.

Like I did all the figuring out of the things, right? But this program is like from my heart, it is like from my soul. It is everything that I need and wanted and want to offer to all of you.

Lindsay: I love that so much and I think that what I think I’m hearing you say, which I would totally agree with, I’ve been thinking about this a lot because I see a lot of people creating their process, working on their process, working on all of that in the mastermind. And it’s easy as a newer coach to think like, “Oh, I want that thing.” But I know for me, because I was a coach for what maybe like four years, I guess, before I created Coaching Masters.

But the reason I created Coaching Masters is because of all of the things that I had to work through to get to that point. So I wouldn’t have had the skill I wouldn’t have had the experience. I wouldn’t have had the passion behind teaching what I teach if I hadn’t had all of the experience I had had leading up to that point of like, “Oh my gosh, this is what’s missing in the industry.” Like this is a space that I know needs to be filled, and I’m the one that’s going to fill it.

And yeah, it was really scary. But when you have that connection, I call it like my, it’s almost like a soul project, right? It’s like there’s that different connection instead of just like, “Oh, logically I know these things. Let me share this knowledge with the world.” It’s like, “Oh no, I’ve been on this journey. I’ve learned all of these things. And now I can deliver it from, just like you said, like from within, right?” Without like, oh, now I must collect all this more knowledge in order to deliver this thing.

I don’t know, one marker for me of like how do I know this is the right thing is I didn’t have to do that. It was just like I have all the things and I’m ready.

Sheri: Yeah. Yeah, and I was so surprised at how it just really did flow from me. Like it was, I literally was just, I mean, working within the mastermind, right? And saying, “Oh, I’m having this sort of kind of idea.” You know, getting coached on it. And then I’m also like, when I was just self-coaching, and like just journaling, and just creating it just kind of like flowed from me. And then I was like, oh, yeah.

And it was like the outline was made. And then, of course, yeah, the drama comes in of like, okay, now what do I do with it, right? And so it felt so much more at ease for me to be able to show up with like, “Oh, I have the thing. Now, let me solve for these pieces.” Because I feel like maybe in the past it was like, let me solve for everything.

Like I don’t know what people want, I don’t know what the, and now it’s like, no, it’s going to land and it’s going to reach the individuals that it’s meant to reach. And I don’t really kind of struggle with that piece of it anymore. I just kind of trust the process.

Lindsay: So good. I am so excited to keep watching this and see how it goes. And just for everybody that is listening and thinking like, “Okay, yeah, this sounds great. This part, I want this to be easy too.” Just know there are still parts that aren’t easy. There are parts, maybe the selling of it, the marketing of it, the whatever.

And for some of you listening, those might be the easier parts, right? Maybe you love to sell, or you love marketing, you love social media or whatever it is, you love those pieces. And I think it’s, at least for me, I don’t know if this feels comforting for other people, but for me it feels comforting to think like everyone’s working on something. You don’t get to just be good at each part of it.

Everybody is working on some parts of being an entrepreneur. I think it’s one of the trickiest parts about being an entrepreneur, is all the things that you have to, like all the sides that you have to learn kind of all at the same time.

Sheri: Yeah, 100%. I think that’s, like I think it’s like multi-layered, right? There’s so much happening with you as an individual, then you throw on like your entrepreneur hat. And then there’s like, oh, I’ve never been an entrepreneur before and now I have to throw on my marketing hat, and now I have to throw on this.

And it’s like, whoa, that can be super overwhelming. And I think those are all the things that we get to experience. While they may not feel great all the time, just like the celebration of even figuring it out when it happens, or also just even like knowing that I’m potentially always going to be figuring this out.

Lindsay: Yeah, settle in.

Sheri: Right, settle in, join the ride, right? Just do it.

Lindsay: That is one thing that I remember that really stands out to me with now being on like the ninth round of Coaching Masters. And one reason that I sold it like I did, I sold it every quarter for almost two years, I think. And one reason I did that was to really learn how to sell it because that is the piece that I’m always working on.

And I remember a relief when I realized this, what we’re just talking about, is like, oh, this might always feel a little hard. Maybe not, and obviously it’s getting easier as I go. But that settle in, right? Like just settle in because that’s so much different than, “This is going to be hard and I have to like fix it. I have to figure out, I have to get out of this. I have to get on the other side of it.”

Like, no, let’s just settle in here. It’s going to be hard but I get to decide what hard feels like to me. Sheri: 100%. I always say, to my clients and stuff, there is no final destination. When you commit to this work, or when you commit to this life, when you commit to self-discovery and just like growth and deepening, you’re going to have those like mile markers, right? But there’s no final destination. Yeah, settle in. It’s a beautiful journey.

It happens in cycles, there’s an ebb and flow. And so like the greatest gift that we can always give ourselves is allowing ourselves to experience the ebb and the flow because, it feels good.

Lindsay: So good, I love it.

Sheri: And bad, no.

Lindsay: Yeah, sometimes.

Sheri: Yeah, it feels good and bad.

Lindsay: All the feels, right?

Sheri: Yeah.

Lindsay: So if someone’s listening and they’re wondering if they should join Coaching Masters, because it is currently open when this podcast comes out. So if they’re listening in real time and they’re like, “Is it for me? I’m not sure.” What would you say?

Sheri: I’m joining for my fifth round. And here’s why, because it’s happening in layers, right? And so with each layer, you know, like even from the first time to this last round, right? Like things within Coaching Masters have shifted, right?

But also, there are some things that have stayed the same and I’m shifting and looking at them from a different perspective. And, for me, this is something where I think it will always be a part of my investments, right? Just because it truly is where it’s not like, “Oh, here, come learn Lindsay’s process,” right? It’s like, “Oh, Lindsay has this but she’s really helping you create your own skill in your own way.”

And I think for me, that has been the thing that has shifted everything in my life, in my business, in my relationships, right? Because I’m showing up more as myself. I’m understanding more of the work that I do, the processes that I put in place, all of that.

Lindsay: Yeah, I think this is one thing I’ve been working on personally, just in my own marketing of Coaching Masters, is really learning how to say this piece, which is like I support you in creating your process. Not I teach you my process and how to be like me, how to coach like me, how to structure your coaching like me, how to have a process, whatever like me.

And I think you’re such a good example of that because you and I coach so differently in the best way, right? Like we have lots of differences and yet here you are, about to enroll for your fifth round.

Sheri: Yeah. Well, here’s what I love, and I’m laughing because I was even able, like this was part of my experience of the live event, right? Because at the live event we’re also coaching each other. So it was so awesome to witness the differences of everyone being in their own and coaching in their own way, right?

And so just even that like, yes, sometimes it’s like we’re saying the same thing, but we’re just using different words or language, right? And I think it’s so powerful. And I would also say that, yeah, I think that you just said it, right? Like you don’t have to figure out what you’re saying or how to say it. I think you just said it.

Lindsay: It’s a work in progress.

Sheri: Yeah, I support you and figuring out your progress, right? Yeah.

Lindsay: All right. Well, this has been really fun. What have we left out? We talked about your podcast, we talked about your new program.

Sheri: The podcast, I think, is going to be fun. Yes, the new program. But Coaching Masters, I don’t know. Yeah, I think everything, I think we’ve hit on everything and I just want to say it is always an honor just to be, like I appreciate, you know, like I do, you know, you say, “Oh, well, it’s not all because of Coaching Masters.” And I will say, yes, that’s true. And it’s a big contributor, right?

And so like if anyone is even considering it, I tell everyone, you should join it.

Lindsay: Well thank you.

Sheri: Lindsay just has as a way. Lindsay has a way of just speaking to people in a way that they need to hear, I think. And I think that’s really beautiful. I mean, you hear it all the time, so you should receive that.

Lindsay: Well, thank you. I will sit here and receive. It is very uncomfortable for me.

Sheri: Yeah.

Lindsay: Thank you so much. Thank you for saying that, but thank you for being here and kind of sharing all of this. It’s so fun to watch, as your friend and your coach, to watch all the changes, all the very exciting things happening in your business and for you as a coach. It just like really fills me up to see.

Sheri: Thank you. Lindsay: So if people are listening and they want to know where to find you, tell them all the things. What’s the best place or places?

Sheri: Instagram. Yes, Instagram is the best place. So @centeredsoulspace.

Lindsay: And we will link all of this in the show notes just in case they’re driving or showering or you know, whatever.

Sheri: Yeah, perfect. And then on Facebook, so Sheri Catt Strzelecki, which is a doozy, so it’ll be there. Those are the two main places. And then I do also, just find me.

Lindsay: Just find me.

Sheri: Follow me. Just follow me, wherever. You can reach out to me.

Lindsay: She has big energy.

Sheri: Yeah, join the Coach Lab, you’ll find me in there, whatever. You’ll see me in Coaching Masters. Lindsay: Yeah, Sheri is in the Coach Lab and coaches for me on occasion in the Coach Lab. Which is amazing and one of my favorite things about the Coach Lab that I’ve talked about before.

But I think it’s great to highlight it. And this, because of what we’ve been talking about, is how I really do make an effort to pick coaches who all kind of coach very differently. Because I think that it’s really important to see that as a coach so that you don’t think like, “Oh, this is the one way to coach. This is the thing that I have to like master or be really good at.” Because it’s not true. You have to be good at coaching like you and that’s it.

So, thank you so much. Thank you for being here. Thank you for doing this. Thank you for your time, and we will talk to you later.

Sheri: All right, bye.

Thanks for listening to this episode of Mastering Coaching Skills. If you want to learn more about my work, come visit me at lindsaydotzlafcoaching.com. That’s Lindsay with an A, D-O-T-Z-L-A-F.com. see you next week.

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