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Business Coaching

Creating a Business with Heart

Are you ready to live a life or run a business driven from love?  Are you ready to stop making decisions based on what you are scared might happen and instead make them from what could be possible? The magic happens when you believe what is possible and know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you can make it happen!

One of the hardest things when you are making changes is feeling alone.  We have so many thoughts about what we are possibly doing wrong, or why it isn’t working, if we are headed in the right direction, and even if we should be doing this work at all.  Through all of this you can feel alone and like you are the only person on the planet having this experience.  Fortunately you are not alone, your thoughts are not unique, and your struggle is totally common.

In group coaching you are part of a community of women.  You are together through each other’s successes and struggles, celebrations and fears.  Each week I cover a different topic and the women share their experiences throughout the week.  It is through hearing the stories of others that we often find something inside of ourselves that we want to explore.  Guided by specific topics, the women open up and drive fear out of their lives, making more room for love to fill their heads.  They learn to love each other, other people in their lives, and most importantly themselves!  They also start to see that the compassion and excitement that they give so freely to others is also available to them from within.

Right now I have group coaching clients that are growing businesses to new levels, finding community when they were feeling lost, working through HUGE life changes, and becoming closer to each other each week.  There is so much power in women coming together as a group and this is what these women are experiencing in my coaching groups.  As a group client you also get access to a private Facebook group, which helps everyone remain connected and supported throughout the week.

Group coaching is a great introduction for someone hiring a coach for the first time, someone that isn’t sure if they are ready for the commitment of private coaching, or even someone that just wants to add more positive influence to their existing private coaching routine.

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